Tisyu Coreless Twin

Tisyu Coreless Twin

Tisyu Coreless Twin

The first locally produced microembossed coreless tissue. Super handy and is a perfect travel buddy!

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  1. Tisyu is one of my favorite local brands of tissue. The quality and price fit your "tipid" health and hygiene essentials. Especially that I have allergic rhinitis, this is one of my go-to-product :)

  2. I never received a freebie for this product yet this is the tissue Im purchasing and using since then. This is affordable and always easy to used. Kudos with the team. Keep it up!!

  3. Ok nmn sia gamitin. Ginagawa nmn niya tung dapat gwain ng isang tissue.

  4. One of the affordable tissues I bought so far! Ang dami pa!

  5. a good tissue. always listed on my grocery list. nakapa-affordable pa!

  6. This is not a 'takaw space' type of tissue. Convenient and soft. One of the best tissue that is locally made that you can buy at a low cost.

  7. Tissue na napaka lambot at affordable pa ang price at nakakatipid maganda gamitin kahit sa mukha

  8. Tisyung hindi masakit sa balat at lalong hindi masakit sa bulsa... kayang kayang mag stock sa bahay dahil mura sya... at malambot pa....hindi nakakasugat...

  9. Super lambot neto. Kahit saang supermarket or Grocery store available to. sobrang handy pa mas mura compare sa ibang brand

  10. Super lambot! Very affordable compared to other tissues and it's very handy too.

  11. I cant leave without tissue.. i use this tissue since i was in highschool.. handy sya and budget friendly.. 11 pesos lang 2 coreless na.. unscented..quality nya ok,di nagpupog agad.. most of the time im using tissueeven pag sweaty na ko.. mas convenient kase at hygienic.. and siksik conpare with tissue na same price ang laki lang tingnan pero paghinawakan na di siksik.. di wise buy..i buy 2 pk. Nito every cutoff..

  12. Ito yung isa sa madalas kong pinipiling bilhin na brand ng tissue sa supermarket, mas mura kumpara sa ibang brand.

  13. can i have free sample of it i wanna try this thankkkkyouuu so much po

  14. I also want to try this, because i am using tissue everyday.. Hope i can get my free sample

  15. Ito ginagamit ko sa baby ko kasi malambot talaga at saka hindi agad nasisira kapag nilalagay ko sa likod ng baby ko

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