Gluta C Face and Body Soap w/ Papaya Enzymes

Gluta C Face and Body Soap w/ Papaya Enzymes

Gluta C Face and Body Soap w/ Papaya Enzymes

Gluta-C Face and Body Soap w/ Papaya Enzymes minimizes melanin levels for smoother and whiter skin, thanks to master antioxidants Glutathione and Vitamin C. Combined with Papaya enzymes, it lifts away dead skin cells without stripping away moisture. The addition of Pro-vitamin B5 and Allantoin provides skin nourishment, revealing a newer, younger and healthier skin.

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  1. This product doesn't stingy feeling. Smells good and feels fresh after using it. When It comes to whitening effect, maybe you should use it for a long period of time to see its effect. But over all it's a good soao for me.

  2. I want to try this soap based sa mga nabasa kong reviews very effective sya mag pa lighten ng skin and gentle sya sa balat unlike ibang soap na nakaka dry.

  3. Gusto ko ma try tong product na to para ma experience ko naman na pumuti ang muka ko. Dami ko na nagamit di naman na pusyaw ang kulay ng muka ko

  4. I would love to try this product eksaktong katatapos lng ng summer, balik pampaputi nmn. I hope you can send me samples so I can make a review about the brands product, I heard it's very effective and I'm excited to try all of them already. Thanks in advance!

  5. I want to try this too ... combo sila ni Gluta-C Body Lotion ... I Think this product is good base on what i read .

  6. this soap is better than kojic papaya soap, its really exfoliate my dead skin, it renews mg skin.. its also smooth in the skin, and not so dry after you take a bath.. i really love also the smell, ang the texture of the soap is good.. the packaging is also beautiful it look simple but nice, i really lobe this soap

  7. I've been obsessed in making my skin whiter but I really had a hard time finding the right products until Gluta-C Face and Body Soap. It showed visible effect even just by 7 days of trying it, and it didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I even tried it on my face, and surprisingly, I didn't have any breakouts considering that I have an acne-prone skin. 10/10 I would recommend this!!!

  8. I use gluta c soap twice a day.. my skin slightly ligthens.. i think its has a natural effect of lengthening di kase masakit sa balat pag mejo binababad habang naliligo... mga ilang minutes lang naman para effective.. i also use gluta c lotion for 6 months na now.. and believe me it lightens stretch marks.. my skin tone now is even better.thanks for this product..

  9. Feeling ko maganda tong soap na to . Gusto ko matry.. Yung lumang gluta c plng ang nagtry ko at maganda sya..

  10. I also love that its gentle on skin that I did not have any sting or allergic reaction to it. perfect match with Gluta -c Lotion.

  11. Want to try this soap based on reviews and this product is being used by celebrities. They are the epitome of beauty and I want to try the effectivity of this product

  12. Gusto ko rin itry ung soap for whitening, kasi nangitim ako nung nagbeach ako i want to try this..perfect combination with gluta c lotion with spf 25 ..hope i can get the product to review the whitening effects😊😊😊😊😊

  13. Ito ring sabon na kikita ko rin to sa youtube .. effective din raw na pampauti

  14. To be honest this is my moms favorite soap ever. Masyado na hook lalo pag may sale nito so sinubukan ko nga. Malambot sa kin at sobrang bango di mahapdi.

  15. This soap is one of the best soaps in the market! What I like most about this soap is the pleasant smell and it gently cleanses my skin.

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