What is thalera.com?

Thalera.com is the first-ever locally operated website that allows consumers to subscribe and receive a monthly box with Freebies and sample consumer products from its brand partners.

Is subscribing limited only to Metro Manila residents?

No. Anyone between the age of 18 to 60 anywhere in the Philippines are eligible to subscribe through Thalera.com.

Is it really FREE to subscribe and receive items?

YES. It’s absolutely free and there are no hidden charges

When can I expect to receive a Thalerabox after subscription?

Thaleraboxes are released once a month usually towards month-end. But if you just registered 2 weeks before the release, you will probably receive your first box on the following month.

I registered more than a month ago, how come I haven't received a box yet?

There are potentially 3 reasons why you haven't received your first box yet.
a. You have not confirmed your registration through the email notification we sent. In which case, please go through your inbox or send us a message via 09453969561, FB/IG or Twitter indicating your contact details for us to resend your confirmation link.
b. Your mailing address you typed in your personal info sheet was typed incorrectly.
c. Some of the details you typed in the personal info sheet are incorrect or questionable in our system.

Can my family members also subscribe?

Yes so long as they are not living under the same residence and they are between 18 to 60 years of age.

Will I be receiving Thalerabox every month once I start receiving one?

YES as long as you are actively reviewing and posting comments of the products you receive in our website, liking our social media pages and tagging us with your photos, commentaries and clips of your unboxing.

What kind of products am I suppose to receive?

Free products we include in your box are determined based on your interests and the brand partners we have for that particular month. So let’s just keep it as a surprise for you to find out.

How many reviews do I need to make to avail the next box again?

We would like to hear your thoughts about all the products we sent so it would be a guarantee repeat if you post a review below each item you received found on the featured products at Thalera.com. The more likes and reviews the more points you also earn giving you the chance to redeem them later for great special items.

I have products, info flyers and coupons I want to include in your box, how do I become a partner?

If you want to become a partner and you want us to help you promote your products through our community of subscribers, please click here Partner With Us or call us at (02)374-2997 or 09453969561.

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